About Butcher Plasterworks

So you’ve found our website and maybe seen a little of what we can offer, but who exactly are “we”?

Butcher Plasterworks started in 1946 under the ownership of Mr A H Butcher.
The company stayed as a family concern all through the remainder of the 1900’s and at some stage in time (early 1970’s we believe) the company was taken over by Mr Butcher’s Nephew Ron Butcher.
Ron Butcher continued running the company all the way though until 2001, when at the time of his retirement he sold the company at a businessman and Construction Company owner Mr Robin Ellis.

Mr Ellis had been a client of Butcher’s, using our products and services on his firms construction projects, and had taken a keen interest in the company.
Although Mr Ellis owned the company he was not particularly involved in the day to day running of the company and instead had a management team under him running things.
Towards the end of 2013 as Mr Ellis was himself starting to look at retirement and was winding down his various business interests, he approached that management team with a view to buying the company from him.
So by the end of 2013 a new ownership was established consisting of major partners Terry Barnes & Warren Ringer, plus minor partner Nicki Boyle.

Terry has worked at Butcher’s all of his working life, doing an apprenticeship with the company before spending many years honing his skills as a highly proficient Fibrous Plasterer, and now has over 30 years of skills and experience to call upon.

Ahead of becoming co-owner Terry has been the workshop foreman and so in the current ownership team he still very much oversees the manufacture of all of our products, as well as getting involved with some of the more complex installations that we do.

Warren joined the company in 2004 as per of the office / estimating team and eventually took over as general manager in 2009.
Warren continues to look after the administrative & pricing side of the company (as well as often driving the van and making deliveries where necessary!!)
Nicki had worked for Mr Ellis for many years ahead of his purchase of Butcher’s where she was his accounts manager for his group of companies.
Nicki continues to look after all accounts related matters for Butchers on a part time basis as well as being a minor partner.

National Lockdown

As we are part of the Construction Sector that has Government permission to continue working, we are fully open for Supply Only or Supply & Install orders.

Visits can be made to our showroom by appointment only, where social distancing will be in place along with other measures to make your visit as Covid Secure as possible.