Supply & Install or Supply only

Here at Butcher Plasterworks we offer supply & install or supply only services. The vast majority of the items we make we also install ourselves on site although we do find that some people use their own builders or other tradesmen.
A question we often get asked is “can my builders install these items?” and the only diplomatic answer to that question is “I don’t know, you’d need to ask him that!”

Obviously it is not for us to say what someone else can or cannot turn their hand to, but generally the question is asked a little naively where what we are effectively being asked is whether our products are easy to install.
The honest answer to that is that it varies. Our fitters spend all day installing our items and so are always going to do complete an install to a very high standard that others may not achieve.
Also, the detail on our products can range greatly, from quite plain and simple cornice or mouldings, to much more ornate detail on items.
So the more detail there is the more complex the installation will be.

The only way clients can be sure if their builder or tradesman can undertake an install of our products is to show them what they are planning to buy from us and getting their opinion.
In recent months we have had quite a few occasions where we have provide items for supply only for a builder to fit, only to find that a couple of days after delivery the client is back in contact asking about us fitting as the builder has decided they cannot do it.
One common mistake is to refer to our Cornices as “coving” which may give a builder the impression of a simple cove such as can be purchased in B&Q or similar stores.
If a builder is expecting that and then receives a Large Floral Victorian Cornice they are likely to get a bit of a shock!

So if you are a client buying from us please check carefully in regards to if you need us to install for you, as coming back to us at short notice hoping to use one of our install teams will often cause you delays as our teams get booked up quite a way in advance a lot of the time.

National Lockdown

As we are part of the Construction Sector that has Government permission to continue working, we are fully open for Supply Only or Supply & Install orders.

Visits can be made to our showroom by appointment only, where social distancing will be in place along with other measures to make your visit as Covid Secure as possible.