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Established 1946

Master Craftsmanship in London

Terms & Conditions of a Supply Only Order

  1. Changes, Cancellations & Refunds
    All items are made to order and orders cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded once paid for, so please ensure you are 100% ready to proceed before placing an order
  1. Lead Times

    We aim to deliver all orders within 7 working days (Monday to Friday – excluding Bank Holidays) of receiving the order. However this may vary slightly depending on how busy we are and also the size of your order. If we think we may need longer we will contact you to discuss options, including making more than 1 delivery to you at no extra cost to yourself

    You should also note that we routinely close for 2 weeks at Christmas anytime between 2-8 days before Christmas Day so if you are ordering from the start of December you should check for our final cut off date for pre-Christmas delivery which will be shown on the website

    If you require delivery quicker than 7 working days then this may be possible, but you should contact us to discuss this directly, prior to placing an on-line order

  1. Deliveries

    We deliver only on weekdays and expected delivery hours are anytime between 8am and 3pm.

    Due to numerous factors beyond our control we cannot confirm an exact time for any delivery, however we can keep in contact with you during the day and offer our best estimated time of arrival once this is clear.

    It is your responsibility to ensure you have someone available to accept the delivery on the agreed date. Failure to be able to accept a delivery may result in further delivery costs to you.

    Deliveries are made to the roadside only. Our driver will park as close as he can to the delivery address and assist in taking the items off of the van. We do not carry the items into the property. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure you have someone able to handle the goods when we deliver

    If you require extra help taking the delivery into your property then this may be possible, but you should contact us directly to discuss this, prior to placing an on-line order and extra costs may occur

  1. Damages to items

    A plasterwork product is only ‘finished’ once it has been installed ready for decoration. By placing a supply only order you are confirming someone else will be responsible for the ‘finish’. Plasterwork products may very occasionally sustain small damage (tiny chips or cracks) during transportation and handling as it is the nature of the fragility of the product, and these minor damages are unavoidable and are easily ‘made good’ as part of the installation process.

    If you have any concerns about any more major looking damage to any items you must make the driver aware of this at the time of the delivery so that he can then contact our office to discuss any required course of action with the company management.
    No claims of damage to items will be considered after our driver has departed so you must check the delivery as it is unloaded.

    As standard all items arrive ‘unpackaged’ as there is no cheap and efficient way of fully packing products of this nature. In some instances we may at our own discretion add a small level of protection or packaging to an item where we think particularly necessary.

    If you require extra packaging to items then this may be possible, but you should contact us directly to discuss this, prior to placing an on-line order and extra costs will occur